Ecological Association "Rzav-God Save Rzav"

Ecological Association ''Rzav-God Save Rzav" was established with an aim of improving environmental protection for the whole municipality of Arilje, with an emphasis on preserving rivers Veliki Rzav, Mali Rzav, Moravice and Panjica in their original form. Education of citizens, especially children and young people, about the importance of preserving and protecting the environment, public advocacy for changing habits regarding the use and preservation of natural resources, in terms of treatment of waste water and materials, as well as organizing recreation in the countryside and the rivers (rafting, hiking, scout camps, etc.). are all aims of great importance to this Association. Since registration (April 2012), Ecological Association conducted successfully: • Campaign for donating blood "Blood giving-Rzav not give" (May 2012) • Campaign "Clean Serbia" (May 2012) • Two "Kids Workshops" - which are aimed to bring children closer to nature, its diversity and values (Jun 2012) • Visit to Mountaineering Club "Železničar" '(2012) • Exhibition of photographs from the competition '' Best photos of Rzav'' (September 2012) • Project "Just you watch" (September 2012) • Second visit to Mountaineering Club "Železničar" (October 2012) • Marking of hiking trails in two directions • First regatta for Rzav "Proteci Rzavom" (April 2013) • First regional bicycle race (May 2013) • Project "Arrangement the island Uski vir" (June-August 2013) • "First International Volunteer Eco-camp" (July-August 2013) • Children's workshop for children participants of ARLLEM (Jul 2013) • Photo exhibition in cooperation with ARLLEM Art Festival (August 2013) • Project "Advocacy campaign of civil society organizations for the sustainable use of natural resources in Southwest Serbia" (October 2013-September 2014) • Children's Workshop "Bird House" (April 2014) • Second regatta on river Rzav "Proteci Rzavom" (April 2014) • Action "Stopper to smile" (2014) - Humanitarian and environmental action for collecting bottle caps in order to help children with disabilities to function more easily in the field of education •'"Back griffon vultures'' (May 2014) • "Second International Volunteer Eco-camp" (May-August 2014) • Workshop III '"Bird House" (April 2014) • Third regatta on river Rzav WProteci Rzavom" (April 2015) • Project "In cooperation with the Sun" - lighting playground in primary school in the village Visoka - Arilje, via photo-voltaic systems (2015) • '"Third International Volunteer Eco-camp" (2015) • Project '' Responsible act - to accountable and transparent management of natural resources in Southwest Serbia" (2015-2016)